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     Last year, after a long hiatus that included losing my husband, with whom I had shared almost 19 years, and discovering that the man I had been led to believe was my birth father wasn’t, I finally decided that the task of maintaining this website represented a commitment of time and energy I was no longer willing to give. When I started, in the days when books still were published only by brick-and-mortar publishers, and the number of adoption-related titles was relatively very small, I didn’t have to devote more than a small amount of time, once a year, to updating the list; now, it had become an almost daily process, with as many adoption-related titles published in one month as used to be published in an entire year. Additionally—and most significantly—it finally dawned on me that it was, essentially, unnecessary. When I started, the bibliography served a purpose; now, anyone can find any adoption-related titles in the same way that I do, using the same websites. That being said, I will, for as long as I can afford it, keep the existing website online.

     Last month, I received a commission payment from, the first such payment I had received since November 2014! (Every time you click on the “Buy It Now” button and make a purchase from Amazon during that visit to their website, be it a book or any other available product, I get a small commission.) In the intervening 28 months, I had been getting monthly reports of commission income from Amazon telling me that I had yet again still not cracked the $10 threshold which would trigger another automated payment. The payment I received in March was over $13, which surprised me; I had expected my next payment, if any, to be barely over $10, since it was obvious there weren’t a lot of purchases being made by visitors to this site. Turns out that the commissions I earned in January (there was always a two-month lag until a payment was made by Amazon) were over $4! So, to whomever is responsible for this spike (and I assume they will likely see this if they have visited the site and made purchases so recently), Thank you!

— Bill Gage
April 2, 2017

Compiler’s Notes

     The purpose and intent of this bibliography is to assemble a comprehensive list of books which relate, either in whole or in part, to the subject of adoption. Therefore, for purposes of this list, I have (arbitrarily) chosen to limit the definition of that concept to so-called stranger adoption, i.e., the assumption of parental responsibility, whether formal (legal) or informal, for a child by a person or persons not related to the child by blood. I have also chosen to include the concepts of “orphanhood” and fostering (where the parental responsibility is assumed either by the state or by no one).
     I have specifically chosen not to include books or stories which deal with step-families, or situations where the the assumption of parental responsibility is made by the child’s non-parental relative(s) (with a few selected exceptions). Also not included are books which deal with situations where the child is separated from a parent by divorce, but retains his or her legal connection to the absent parent. Other categories of books which are not included are: pornography; publications of local, state or federal governmental departments or offices.
     Since the intent is to compile a comprehensive list while simultaneously keeping the size of the database as small as possible, the data contained herein are for titles in the English language only, and any given title will have only one primary listing, for its first edition in its country of origin (except for translations of foreign-language books where the first edition was not published in English); entries for books with multiple editions will reflect parenthetical notations of any subsequent (i.e., updated and/or revised) editions.


     The data presented here are assembled from a wide variety of sources for the benefit of those wishing to find out more on the subject of adoption. As is reflected in the title of the compilation, the data are intended to be nothing more than a “guide” to help direct visitors in their own research.
     The compiler makes no representations as to the currency or accuracy of the data presented; they are as accurate and current as the sources from which they are obtained. However, every effort is made to ensure that the data are current and accurate as of the date of posting. Visitors are encouraged to bring any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions they may find to the attention of the compiler.
     The views or opinions expressed by third parties contained in this compilation, or the views or opinions of any given author expressed in any book contained in this compilation, do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the compiler, nor should their inclusion, nor the inclusion of any particular title herein, be construed as an endorsement thereof.